Post MAGFest Updates

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, but that because we’ve been working hard to prepare for our Demo v3.0! We also wanted to thank everyone who came to check out our game at MAGFest.

We took roughly a month in September to prepare business documents, practice our pitch, and reach out to publishers. Since then, we’ve been heavily working in engine to prepare the next iteration of our game demo and make sure that it is polished. This is the version we showcased at MAGFest.

We will be releasing the updated demo sometime soon, once we make some changes based on feedback and fix any bugs. Thanks for your interest and follow-up and we hope that you enjoy our demo v3.0 once it is released!

-MoS Dev Team

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NOTICE: The current demo version on this site is 2.0, we plan to release version 3.0 (from MAGFest) within the upcoming weeks.