Mask of Semblance Demo v4 Available Now!!!

New intro cutscene:

Hey everyone,

It’s been an amazing weekend so far at PAX East in Boston, MA, our first ever giant convention we are showcasing at. Not only did we showcase the new and improved demo, we also met a ton of amazing developers, press people, and attendees. Seriously, most of the feedback we received was really positive and we loved hearing your impressions of our new approach this time around.

In celebration of a successful first PAX East, we just released our new Demo Version 4.0 to download here on GameJolt! Please let us know what you thought of the improvements from the last iteration of the demo.

This week we will be revising our business documents, working on a Mac build, and more devlogs. 

Thank you and enjoy the new demo!
-Mask Team


Mask Of Semblance Demo v4.0 PC 364 MB
Apr 09, 2018

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What's new in the 4.0 demo? :)