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***Please note that we are currently in full production and are preparing a new demo that will feature updated gameplay and mechanics. The previous Demo v4.0 is no longer available for download. We are expanding on the feedback you've given us to make the game the best it can be! Follow our page to receive updates on new content from our development team.***

Mask of Semblance is a hand painted Action/Adventure RPG focusing on problem solving, stylish combat, and moral decision making. The world will be designed to be playable forwards and backwards.

You wake up in a cold, dark room. The dust and smoke surrounding you shades your surroundings with mystery. Your senses are stale from the timeless slumber you seem to have woken from. Pain is rushing through your body as you muster the power to stand up from your resting place. Your clothes, your name, your purpose...only a fragment of your memory persists.

A malformed light in the form of eyes, a mouth, and mysterious marking beckons you over.

“Dear boy”, the Mask begins, “let’s make a deal...”, not only greeting you but offering to make a nameless bargain. “I will open the doors of this sanctum for you if you agree to take me to my master” are the terms. Upon acceptance, the boys journey begins.

In Mask of Semblance you will be choosing paths, choosing sides, exploring, fighting, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets along your journey. You might also uncover some interesting facts about yourself in the process!

The Demo includes basic combat, puzzles, and exploration.

Mask of Semblance covers themes of the self and the mind, as well as the cyclical nature of life. It also incorporates themes of the duality of Nature vs. Technology.

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This game is beautiful! the story is amazing, the graphics stunning, and the voice acting better than anything i've heard yet. 5/5 would play again, and can't wait for more!

I saw you guys at PAX East but didn't have the time to demo your game!  Just downloaded the demo and I'm excited to play it soon :D

Hey Basikilos, you may have downloaded the previous version (version 3.0). Please re-download the newest build (version 4.0), which was the one we showcased at PAX East. It was uploaded today 4/9/2017. Thanks for checking us out!

I did!  Thanks a lot, I'll download the new version :)

Err, actually, is there a Mac version for the newest build?  I don't see it.

Hey Basikilos! Really sorry, we are working on it this week! We will definitely let you know when we get that up ASAP :)

Awesome, thanks!

Waiting for a 4.0 demo for more fighting and banter. :) 


Awesome! Our goal is to have that out in the next couple of months!

Hey Cryptic Hybrid! We just released the version 4.0 demo and would love to get your feedback again. Thanks!

Hey there, a very interesting demo and I love the game, these style of games are always a favourite of mine.  I look forward to playing the version.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thank you so much! This video you made turned out great! Can't wait to share more!

Yo dude, keep it up. I want to see this game become a success!

Hey thanks! It's much appreciated. We are currently working on a pitch for publishers, so cross your fingers for us!

Good Luck!